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Elenitsa Feature Show

Elenitsa (Elena Amara) our friendly Kyprea on GreekBeat Radio

1 July 2020 Entertainment

Elenitsa drops in to visit GreekBeat Radio during our live broadcast on GreekBeatRadio.com. DJ Mario Chakos & DJ Funksy welcome Elena Amara the lovely lady behind the hilarious Greek cypriot caricature – ELENITSA. Get your questions to her direct by adding the WhatsApp / text 07400088565. . Sponsored by Praxis Events: DJ Live Entertainment Fusion your DJ & Live music fusion specialists for weddings and events. #OPA . Check out Elena’s healing page https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=974… for and join in on the free healing therapy videos as they happen. FOLLOW Elenitsa My Alter Ego to keep updated