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Praxis Entertainment


Praxis Entertainment

DJs, Live Music, Entertainment & Event Planning

Whether you are having a party, wedding, Birthday, club-night, corporate event or other
special occasion, Praxis Events combine both DJs & Live musicians (along with other entertainment options) to provide a unique experience that is now the preferred entertainment solution for parties. They have been organising entertainment for parties 8 years professionally and full time, and are therefore often imitated but never duplicated.

Each party is bespoke to the needs of the client. Check our their videos, photos and wall-posted testimonials to see real live feedback posted up by other Facebook users who have booked them: www.facebook.com/praxisentertainment. Originally based in UK, but also operating events in Cyprus, Greece and other areas of the Greek Diaspora, Praxis Events provide an unrivalled and unique service combining the best elements of Greek traditions and modern music, along with the best English party and club-style entertainment.