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Marina Satti’s “ZARI” Makes History: The Greek Sensation Conquers Global Charts

todayMay 16, 2024


Marina Satti continues to make waves in the music industry, and her latest achievement is nothing short of groundbreaking. With her song “ZARI,” she has not only represented Greece at Eurovision but also made history by being the first-ever song with Greek lyrics to enter the world charts.

“ZARI” propelled Marina Satti to the spotlight during the Eurovision Song Contest, where she claimed an impressive 11th place among 37 countries and secured 8th place in televoting. This remarkable feat highlights Marina’s exceptional talent and the immense potential she holds on the international stage.

Released by Golden Records and Minos EMI, a Universal Music Company, “ZARI” has achieved triple platinum status in Greece. Its success extends far beyond the borders of Greece, as it currently sits at #23 on the Spotify Viral Global Chart and continues to dominate digital charts in numerous countries across Europe.

But Marina Satti’s achievements don’t end there. She currently holds the title of the #1 Greek artist with the most monthly listeners on Spotify, boasting an impressive 1.6 million listeners.

Adding to the excitement, Marina Satti recently announced the release of her brand new EP titled “P.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin).” This collection of seven songs, including “ZARI” and “TUCUTUM,” promises to delight fans with its blend of Greek pop, ethnic sounds, and clever lyrics.


The EP features Marina’s latest single, “LALALALA,” accompanied by a vibrant and colorful music video directed by Billy King. Other tracks on “P.O.P.” include the infectious “To Our Health,” the collaboration with TikTok sensation Katerina Salakas on “I’m Fine!!!!!!,” and the epic 10-minute track “MIXTAPE” featuring guest appearances by Lefteris Pantazis, RACK, Efi Thodis, VLOSPA, and OGE. The EP also includes the poignant ballad “Ah Thalassa,” with lyrics by Lena Kitsopoulou.

With “ZARI” leading the charge and “P.O.P.” promising more musical delights, Marina Satti continues to push boundaries and solidify her place as a global music sensation. Keep an eye on this rising star as she continues to conquer the world, one chart-topping hit at a time.

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