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The Cherished Greek Wedding Traditions in the UK – Sponsored by StockBrook Manor

todayJanuary 11, 2024


The Cherished Greek Wedding Traditions in the UK – Sponsored by StockBrook Manor

Set in the Essex countryside in the picturesque village of Stock in Billericay, Stock Brook Manor is the perfect venue to host your Greek and English weddings, christenings and any other special events. StockBrook Manor has three stunning venues and beautiful grounds. Catering for weddings of 30 to 500 guests, there’s something for every wedding.

When it comes to celebrating love, Greek weddings are known for their rich traditions, vibrant atmosphere, and timeless customs. Even in the heart of the UK, many Greek couples continue to honour these age-old rituals, blending the best of both worlds.

Join us in this blog as we explore the top 5 Greek wedding traditions that add a touch of Mediterranean magic to ceremonies in the United Kingdom.

1. Koumbaro and Koumera

In the UK, Greek weddings often feature the roles of the Koumbaro and Koumera, equivalent to the best man and maid of honour but with a special twist. These honoured individuals play a crucial role in the ceremony, participating in symbolic rituals and offering guidance to the couple throughout their marriage. The bond formed between the Koumbaro and Koumera and the newlyweds is cherished and lasts a lifetime.

2. Crowning Ceremony – “Stefana”

One of the most iconic Greek wedding traditions is the Crowning Ceremony, known as “Stefana.” During this ritual, the bride and groom are crowned with intertwined floral wreaths, symbolising the unity and the creation of a sacred bond. In the UK, couples often incorporate this tradition into their ceremonies if they’re not marrying in the Greek Orthodox Church, emphasising the importance of love, commitment, and the intertwining of their lives.

3. Traditional Dance – “Kalamatianos”

No Greek celebration is complete without lively music and dancing, and weddings are no exception. The Kalamatianos, a traditional Greek dance, often finds its way onto the dance floors of UK Greek weddings. This circular dance involves couples holding hands and moving in a synchronised manner, celebrating the joy of the occasion and encouraging all guests to join in the festivities.

4. The ‘Stolisma’

A “stolisma” is a significant and symbolic moment in a Greek wedding, specifically focused on the bride and groom. Stolisma refers to the dressing or adorning of the bride and groom by their respective families just before the wedding ceremony begins. This tradition is deeply rooted in Greek culture and holds special meaning for the couple.

During the stolisma, the bride is dressed in her wedding attire, including her wedding gown, veil, and accessories, by her female relatives, particularly her mother and close female relatives. This intimate and emotional process is a bonding moment between the bride and her family, symbolising the passing of family traditions and the support of loved ones as she enters a new chapter in her life.
Similarly, the groom experiences his stolisma, where he is assisted in getting ready by his male relatives, including his father and close male family members. This ritual signifies the groom’s transition into married life and emphasises the importance of familial bonds.

5. Money Dance

In the spirit of generosity and well-wishing, the Money Dance, or “Nikokira,” is a customary part of Greek weddings. In the UK, this tradition involves guests pinning money onto the bride and groom’s attire while dancing. The funds collected are meant to assist the couple as they embark on their journey together. It’s a heartwarming gesture that symbolizes community support and financial prosperity for the newlyweds.

As Greek couples in the UK continue to celebrate their heritage, these traditions serve as a beautiful reminder of the enduring cultural richness that love brings. Incorporating these customs into modern weddings not only adds a unique charm but also reinforces the timeless values of love, commitment, and togetherness. In the union of two individuals, we witness the blending of traditions, creating a tapestry that reflects the beauty of diverse cultures coming together in harmony.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue to host your Greek wedding, StockBrook Manor have a bespoke Greek Wedding Package which includes venue hire, a sumptuous Greek-style wedding breakfast, a dedicated wedding coordinator, an in-house LED dance-floor, and a wide variety of drinks and alcoholic beverages. All this, at an amazing per-head price. Whether you choose dry hire or our expert catering, your Greek dream wedding is just a call away.

Visit for more details and make your Greek wedding dreams come true at Stock Brook Manor in Essex. Or better yet, email them on and be sure to mention GreekBeat Radio!

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